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Případové studie, Packaging
26 Led 2022 —

Výzva pro klienta

Zákazník je světovým lídrem v oblasti PC komponent, periferií a příslušenství. Poskytuje IT profesionálům všechny klíčové průmyslové prvky. Zákazník chtěl univerzální balení pro tři různé velikosti pevných disků. Tento obal by měl snížit náklady na manipulaci, skladování a administraci a také chránit produkt.






"We take into account the supply chain and pay attention to the customer’s needs. We believe that packaging is not only a part of the product but also part of the whole process – from handling in manufacturing and the entire logistics chain, through to the end customer’s experience when unpacking the product."

Antalis Expert

The Antalis Solution

The design of a recyclable and universal solution allowing ultra-fast packaging for three different product sizes.




The single-piece corrugated cardboard solution is delivered flat packed. Pre-glued, it can be assembled in a single motion. Cuts on the long sides are positioned to accommodate all three sizes of hard drive.


1. Size 1


2. Size 2


3. Size 3

The process

  • Analysis of the customer request
  • Analysis if the different products
  • Product tests in real conditions
  • Recommendations shared with the customer
  • Customer validation



Cost Saving

Reduction in packaging costs thanks to the universal solution for all three product sizes.


Cost Saving

Pre-bonded packaging solution that can be assembled in one lightning-quick, easy step.



The solution is made entirely of corrugated cardboard, so it is recyclable and easy to dispose of.

Services provided


We help you optimise your costs and packaging process efficiency.


We create bespoke, high-tech solutions to meet any of your specific challenges.