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Ať už chcete vyrábět obaly pro spotřební zboží, nebo například knižní přebaly, katalogy či blahopřání, Antalis pro vás má vždy řešení. Vyberte ten správný materiál za dobrou cenu.

Ať už chcete vyrábět obaly pro spotřební zboží, nebo například knižní přebaly, katalogy či blahopřání, Antalis pro vás má vždy řešení. Vyberte ten správný materiál za dobrou cenu.



Materiály pro tištenou komunikaci

Right products for your packaging projects

Graphical boards come in many different grades and qualities to suit your applications and budgets. They are manufactured in unique ways to ensure they protect products inside, whilst giving the maximum shelf appeal and brand awareness.

Not simply high grammage papers, they are produced in special ways to impart the qualities of high strength, bulk, flexibility and durability. Whether your projects range from foods, healthcare, general retail ready packaging, consumer electronics, or luxury foods and spirts, Antalis has the right products for you.

For luxury projects, we offer virgin fibre Solid Bleach Sulphate boards with maximum whiteness, toughness and print quality, which will never crack after folding and maintain the beauty of your designs. For projects requiring boards with maximum bulk and stiffness with the lowest possible weight, folding box boards (FBB) can give the best efficiencies for you. Choose from white backed GC1 or cream backed GC2 classified products to suit your needs.

For ultimate distinctiveness for your luxury brands, look no further than Arjo Wiggins Creative Boards. Developed to widen the design options for items such as folding boxes, mounted boxes and shopping bags, the range offers materials with amazing colours, textured and eye-catching effects, with a good choice of  grammages and formats available on stock and to order.

Talk to Antalis and select the most appropriate products which both function and set the right tone for your projects.



Enhance your Graphical Applications

Boards are often chosen for graphical applications in favour of standard heavyweight coated papers. Do you require your catalogues, books or brochure covers to look their absolute best, with good strength, stiffness, presentation and no cracking on the spine? People do judge a book by its cover and that's why many choose graphical boards for these applications.

Enhance menus, posters, greetings cards, giving them the optimum quality feel and lifespan. Create tags and tickets which will remain flat, well presented and highly tear resistant. Our SBS board ranges come in a choice of 1 or 2 side coated, for either a differentiated side to side feel, or consistent appeal on both sides. Antalis also offer uncoated boards, where a natural, tactile finish is preferred. Alternatively our white backed folding box boards are a common choice for graphical applications where a good balance of bulk, stiffness and cost are required.



Choice & Service

Whatever your project, Antalis can provide the right solution to suit your needs. In addition to the virgin fibre SBS and FBB products, we also stock recycled, post-consumer fibre White Lined chipped Boards (WLC). Importantly, we have these materials in stocks to accommodate the timescales and deadlines of your customers.

Strong Environmental Accreditations

Mills supplying our graphical board ranges have strong environmental and green standards, both in terms of their raw materials and production processes. Fibre is sourced from carefully managed and sustainable forests, water is cleaned to high, defined standards before being released by to rivers and seas, and energy requirements often sourced from recovery systems, using materials from the pulping processes.