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Our customers' case studies
and applications are a source of inspiration

This section highlights a variety of media transformed and embellished to create all kinds of applications

Featured Product: Metalic by Hanley Court Printers


Why did you choose KernowPrint MetaliK Silver ?

Originally we completed two print jobs for two companies using KernowPrint MetaliK, but we loved the product so much we decided to use it for our own business cards ! It was something to show customers to encourage them to try something different. When I show my business card people always say “wow that’s amazing”. It has become a sales tool for my business, to promote new creative possibilities and help encourage our customers to experiment with new substrates, which brings in more revenue for me. My favorite quality of this particular metallic substrate is the excellent mirror finish.

Printer Name: Hanley Court Printers
Printer Model: Konica Minolta AccurioPress C2060
Product Used: KernowPrint MetaliK Silver

Printed Item: Business Cards
Print Run: 1000 units

Mohawk Superfine Review by Fineline Print & Web


“At Fineline we’ve got a Ricoh 901 Digital Printer which we thought would be ideal to test out the new Mohawk Superfine i-Tone® paper…” Because of the quality and weight of the Mohawk paper, we decided to trial it using art prints from one of Fineline’s clients Anthony Wyatt



Already uses Mohawk for his business but uses the Mohawk smooth in various weights for his prints so we thought he would be an ideal candidate for this trial.

Well it is safe to say we all really loved the paper !

What was particularly impressive was the way in which the Eggshell, which is slightly textured, took the ink used by the Ricoh – sometimes a textured paper can affect how the ink sits on the finished product making images look blotchy and dappled but not in this case. The image came out perfectly and at an angle it had a lovely sheen to it almost like a silk finish.

Tony said he used to use textured paper in the past (quite a long time ago) but stopped using it because this type of paper caused problems for the old digital printers e.g. the ink didn’t sit on it properly and also kept jamming the machines. However he was very impressed with the finish using this paper and the Ricoh.

What’s also great about Mohawk paper is the tone of white – this is particularly important to Tony.

Tony sells his prints wholesale to a number of well-known Zoo’s up and down the country and overseas so he relies on top quality paper to get the right finish and feel for his print products. As a fine art artist, Tony is also especially precise about the tone of white of the paper because this can have an effect on his finished prints and can either clash or compliment his very detailed pencil prints.”

Christie (Marketing) and Val (Print Production) Fineline Print and Web


IoT - Internet of Things: PowerCoat is the new connected paper distributed by Antalis

Key market trends, new product information, new sales tools…are just a few examples of the variety of information you will get in this section !

At the cutting edge of innovation and aligned with the “fully connected” trend, Antalis presents PowerCoat Alive, a smart paper embedded with NFC (Near Field Communications) technology that allows smartphones to read digital information without needing an app or QR Code. Compatible with the latest iPhone 7 update, PowerCoat Alive can be used for numerous applications including advertising, digital packaging and is perfect for advertisers wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Synthetic Media with new levels of digital print quality, durability, runnability and creativity

With expertly engineered performance and exceptional static control, the new Kernow Synthetics range for HP Indigo sets a new level for HP Indigo Printable Synthetics.

For small format media, Antalis presents its latest innovation KernowPrint for HP Indigo. This new line is aimed specifically at Indigo users wanting to print on synthetics. The durable, tear resistant and long-lasting benefits of printing on synthetics have opened new doors for printers, serving customers in a wide range of markets. KernowPrint features the Cobalt Coating Technology which maximizes ink adhesion of the HP Indigo inks. Water-proof, the KernowPrint for Indigo range includes a wide range of synthetic papers with powerful colours, metallic affects and a unique soft surface.


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